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Which countries produce the most copper?
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World-class Copper Deposits
how much is 700 kg of copper

Unearthing Copper: Delving into the Mining Process
Copper metal wires are commonly used to conduct electricity for several reasons. First, copper is an excellent conductor of electricity, making it highly efficient in transferring electrical energy. This is due to the fact that copper atoms have a relatively low number of outer electrons, which allows for easy movement of electrons between atoms, resulting in a low resistance to electric current flow. Another reason why copper is used for electrical wiring is its high ductility and malleability. Copper wires can be easily drawn into thin wires, allowing for the production of wires of different sizes and lengths to suit specific electrical applications. Additionally, copper can be easily bent and twisted without breaking, making it durable and flexible. Copper is also a highly durable metal that does not easily corrode or oxidize. This makes it ideal for use in electrical wiring, as it can withstand exposure to different environmental conditions and maintain its conductive properties over time. Finally, copper is a relatively inexpensive and readily available metal, which makes it a cost-effective choice for conducting electricity. Its availability in abundance in the Earth’s crust and the ease of mining and refining the metal make it an economically viable option. In short, copper is an excellent choice for electrical wiring due to its high conductivity, ductility, durability, and affordability. These properties make copper wires a reliable and efficient means of transferring electrical energy in a range of applications      Scrap Copper industry     Copper scrap repurposing
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